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Welcome to the Charles Flower’s Wildflowers website. There is plenty of advice to help you get started, whether it is for a 25m2 plot in the garden or 20 acres on your farm. Charles’s blog will bring you up to date with some of the projects he gets involved in or sees on his travels round the south of England.

An introduction to growing wild flowers from seed
Sowing wildflower seed.

Wild flower seed has to be sown in well prepared conditions otherwise it will fail. Once you have achieved good establishment, it is no good just leaving the wild flowers to manage themselves. Management needs to be carried out every year or else the precious diversity which you have created will decline. Meadow wild flowers are particularly well adapted to spreading from seed. But what about the wild flowers in all the other habitats such as woodlands and ponds. Many of these have developed alternative strategies which need to be taken into account.

Nectar, nectar, nectar!
Wild flowers produce the nectar (fuel) on which so many of our insects depend, so we need to restore them wherever possible, not just on farmland but on village greens, recreation grounds, parks, gardens and even verges. When we began the process of wild flower restoration on our farm, we were astonished as how quickly and in what numbers the insects responded.

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Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
Restoring Wildflowers to
the Countryside.

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Irreplaceable Woodlands
Some practical steps to restoring
our wildlife heritage.

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