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All our seed is British native, meaning that the species is native to Britain and whose genetic variation is likely to be representative and inherited from plants still growing in the wild and in native plant communities in Britain.

Mix1 Amenity Meadows and Field Margins
Mix 1. Amenity Meadows/Field Margins
These wild flowers are all-rounders, equally at home on sticky clays, loams or on light land.
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Mix2 Clay and Acid Meadow Mix 2. Clay/Acid Meadow
A more authentic seed mix made up of species to be found in old meadows, a first choice for meadows of any size, gardens or one of several acres.
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Mix3 Chalk and Acid Meadow Mix 3. Chalk/Alkaline Meadow
Chalky ground gives special opportunities for wild flowers with a greater range of attractive wild flowers that thrive in chalk or alkaline soils.
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Mix4 Wet Meadow Mix 4. Wet Meadow
Five species in this mix which are particularly important because they are now so scarce.
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Mix5 Woodland
Mix 5. Woodland
Light levels in woodland are often insufficient for wild flowers to be able to produce adequate seed so many plants have developed alternative strategies...
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Mix 6 Hedgerows
Mix 6. Hedgerows
Species in this mix include classic hedge species such as agrimony, meadow cranesbill and red campion, but also species which have adapted...
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Mix7 Cornfield Annuals Mix 7. Cornfield Annuals
Cornfield annuals produce significant amounts of seed and if the previous year's growth is cut down and removed and the ground cultivated...
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