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Charles Flower Tel: 01635 248899
Email: charles@charlesflower.com

These were a feature of Flower Farms for over 20 years and are now run at locations where groups of interested people can get together at the best time of year and use local meadows and woods to illustrate the teaching.

Topics include:
Restoring wild flowers to garden and countryside
This covers "Getting wild flower seed to grow" and "Managing your wild flowers". May/ June/ July best months.

Collecting and propagating wild flowers
Covers all key species, collecting sites, cleaning, storage, use vegetative means rather than seed. July/August best months.

Wild flowers in ancient woods / restoring them to new woods
How wild flowers survive in old and new woods and how a range of shade levels are crucial. May best month.

Managing woodlands for diversity,
especially wildflowers

Tuesday 24 May Location: Newbury, West Berkshire
Facilitator: Charles Flower

Woodland nectar is vital for insects which produce so much food for species further up the food chain. It is especially important for all those invertebrates which recycle the decaying wood back into fertile soil. This course provides an overview of some of the main nectar providers (trees, shrubs and especially wild flowers) as well as how to manage rides and glades for nectar and for butterflies with the additional effect of 5 acres of in cycle hazel coppice.

This workshop is being organised by Flora Locale: www.floralocale.org (click for full details) which is committed to promoting and supporting good practice in ecological restoration projects.

Details of bookings and fees can be found on the Flora Locale website or by email: info@floralocale.org

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Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
Restoring Wildflowers to
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Irreplaceable Woodlands
Some practical steps to restoring
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